Finding Lost Customers

Reliance Life is committed to keeping its customers informed about their life and pension assurance benefits, and therefore to making sure we always have their correct and current personal details in our records.

Unfortunately there will be times when we lose contact with some customers, particularly if:


  • They move home and don’t inform us of the change
  • They continue to live at the same address but we are unable to get a response to our correspondence
  • They have sadly died, and the executor or next of kin is unaware of the policy that they held.


It is Reliance Life’s policy to re-establish contact with lost customers, to ensure we can pay claims from policies as they mature, return unclaimed monies, or simply re-unite customers with their policy details so they can continue to make informed choices with their policies.

To assist us in this process, Reliance Life uses a specialist tracing company called LexisNexis. They are an expert in helping insurance companies reconnect their customers with their life and pension assurance policies. You can find out more about them via their website at

If we find what we believe is a new address for a customer, we will write to them asking them to verify a range of personal and address details. The response to this letter is very important to us, as it will allow us to complete the final checks to re-establish contact with the customer. If you receive one of these letters, please do read all the information carefully and return the required details to us.

A range of further questions and answers on this subject, including the details of a number of companies that Reliance Life administers policies for, can be found at the following link: Q&As