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Here to help look after the money our pensions customers saved in their pension pots

And to help with our life insurance customers’ needs too

Here at Reliance Life we pride ourselves in looking after the needs of our customers.  

Our friendly professional Customer Services teams look after the needs of 170,000 customers, focussing on improving outcomes.  We will treat you as an individual and only ask you for what we need to pay your claim quickly.

We’re experienced specialists bringing together customers and their policies under our banner, once a business decides that Reliance Life is an excellent choice to continue to look after customers into the future. 

Over the years, a number of businesses have been transferred to bring together customers and their policies from different life and pensions companies, under what is now known as Reliance Life.  The Farringdon Reliance Friendly Collecting Society dates back to 1911. 

Equitable Life

As you may have seen from announcements in the press, in June 2018 Reliance Life announced that it had reached an agreement to take over Equitable Life’s life and pensions business.  Equitable Life’s policyholders will be asked to vote on this proposal before it can go ahead. 

This is an important step for Reliance Life in growing the company and its customers, allowing us to continue to focus on providing outstanding customer service and support.  We are confident that we can deliver tangible improvements in customer service for both our existing customers, and transferring Equitable Life customers. 

  • For those Equitable Life customers moving into unit linked funds, full details of the investment fund choices will be available in due course, together with information about help and guidance.
  • Equitable Life customers will continue to receive outstanding customer service and support by contacting the same team in Aylesbury, and on the same telephone number.

The business transfer, like all previous Part VII transfers, requires us to apply to the High Court for permission to transfer the business of Equitable Life to Reliance Life.  The High Court will only give permission if it is satisfied that the transfer is in the interests of both Equitable Life customers and existing Reliance Life customers.  We’ll provide information about the transfer in due course.

The future

We will continue to look for opportunities to bring together similar life insurance and pensions businesses, where we believe we can provide improving outcomes for customers.

Reliance Life is working towards developing some new and innovative products for customers wishing to access or combine their pension pots.

We are also developing our website, to make it easier to use and provide more features.

Have you lost track of one of your pension pots?

If you’ve lost track of a pension pot, why not try to track it down using the Pension Tracing Service, set up by the government to help people like you track down missing pension pots.

You can phone the Pension Tracing Service on 0845 6002 537 or go to